Temple of Edfu

The synagogue is located within the Egyptian cities Aswan and Luxor, Temple Of Edfu was revealed from sand interment in the 1860s by a French archaeologist name Auguste Mariette.

The biggest pantheon in Egypt and it is also known as the Temple Of Horus (the falcon-headed God) which is the most attractive and well-preserved of all the Egyptian Temples.

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Where Is Edfu Temple Located?

  • The Pantheon is one of the most magnificent temples and the second largest temple in Egypt in addition to being one of the most-preserved temples in Egypt.
  • The Temple Of Edfu considered to be the best preserved of all Egyptian temples has splendid architecture. The encrypted walls provide information on language, myth and religion of the Greco Roman days. Information about the most significant deities gained exploring these temples is worth preserving.
  • The pantheon is known as the “Temple of Horus” and situated on the west bank of the Nile in Edfu city within Luxor and Aswan which is formed on top of the battleground of Horus and Seth as early Egyptians understood and now which is devoted to the god Hathor, Hours of Behdet ,and their son Hor-Sama-Tawy, which represents the sways of the Greek culture within the mythical Egyptian culture.

Structure Of The Temple

  • The Edfu Temple has halls, corridors ante-chambers, sanctuary, inner chambers, outer walls – are adorned with wonderful reliefs. This Pantheon is one of the most beautiful, and certainly the best conserved of Egypt’s monuments, in fact there is no ancient monument in the world that can match it.
  • The fence contours which link to the Good Reunion between Horus and Hathor; on the below reaches of the right-hand wall the festal boats of Horus and Hathor may be seen on the Nile; they arc towed to Edfu. The clerics carry the icons, in their barges, towards the temple; there they make contributions and conduct prayers.
  • The inner doorway heads to the Pronaos, the shelter of which is sustained by pillars with many floral capitals, and the ceiling are adorned with astrological scenes.
  • The surfaces are closed with reliefs that, unfortunately, have lost much of their glowing colour and the themes link to the dedication of the temple to the left (d), Ptolemy IX breaks ground with a hoe, before Horus and Hathor. Aroma is formed on the broken ground to refine the area. The developed pantheon is then surrounded and blessed, in the appearance of Horus.

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Temple Of Edfu

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