Temple Of Abydos
Temple Of Abydos

The Temple Of Abydos is to Osiris what the temples of Philae is to Isis. A few hours travel from Aswan or Hurghada or Luxor, the city of Abydos was an important city in ancient Egypt. It was the epicentre of the cult that worshipped Osiris. The temples dedicated to Osiris and other gods were constructed upon the instructions of Seti I.

Tourism In Egypt has some of the most attractive Egyptian Sites and an interesting contemporary culture, the trove of antiquities is what attracts most visitors.

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Nile Holiday brings you some very remarkable and ingenious Egyptian Temples has to offer. Let’s break them up according to their settings.

All the Abydos Temples are beautiful and glorious, including the very own temple of Seti which is majestic and amazing to look at. The must-see Temples of Abydos include-

Seti I

Different from all the other temples found in Egypt, the Temple of Seti I is built from limestone and is laid out on three levels. The inner temple houses seven sanctuaries dedicated to different Gods that Seti honoured, namely Isis, Osiris, Horus, Ptah, Re-Harakhte, Amun and Seti himself. Thus, the inner section is divided into seven temples each with its own entrance and all side by side to each other.


Entering the humongous temple complex, one would see the First Courtyard which includes inscriptions and scenes from Ramses II’s wars and victories. Leading into the Second Courtyard, the main feature of the courtyard is the inscriptions on the 95 vertical columns that depict the construction and completion of the Temple Of Ramses II. There also images of various Gods and Ramses himself among the presence of the deities.

Hypostyle Halls

Into the First Hypostyle Hall, the roof is supported on 24 papyrus cluster columns. The columns are so arranged that the five central processional aisles are flanked by two pairs of columns on each side.

The Second Hypostyle Hall is lead into by seven doors, which contain 36 columns, set in three rows supporting the architraves. The arrangements of the columns are totally similar to the one in the First Hall.


Adjoining the sanctuaries are the seven temples of the seven Gods. The temple of Amun is at the middle for he is regarded as the God of New Kingdom. The temple of Amun is flanked by the temple of Osiris, Isis and Horus on the right, and Harakhty, Ptah and Seti on the left.

The reliefs inside the temples of Seti and Amun are note-worthy for their beautiful and well preserved colours that are prominent even after several centuries. The roofs of each chamber is decorated with stars and inscription about the life and deeds of the King.

These classifications are not ending alls. We can also divide them into Egyptian Sites, where we can get into details. That is why we offer guides with multiple language skills and experience in Egyptology to help you see your dream destination with new eyes and fall in love with Egypt as we do…

Egypt Tour Packages give you the chance to experience Egypt’s history and best attractions. Egyptian Temples have a lot in store.

The Temples Of Abydos are the ones that defy the Egyptian rules. Hop onto the rides that lead into the chambers of history and get to know the variety of talents that dictated the land of Egypt a long time ago. Book your tour with Nile Holiday to explore the Temples Of Abydos.

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Temple Of Abydos

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