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Home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and marketplaces or souks as the locals call it, Hurghada has emerged as one of the best travel destinations. Also renowned for water sports like scuba diving, Hurghada is the beach resort town of modern Sekalla district.

The Red Sea tourism has given birth to present day’s 20 km long coastline city. Travelling to and through the city, however, has a lot to offer

Hurghada Airport Private Departure Transfer:

  • Plan for a comfortable and hassle-free drive to Hurghada International Airport with this private, one-way transfer service. Then you can meet your courteous, professional driver at your hotel or private residence in Hurghada, Makadi, El-Gouna, Safaga or Soma Bay; and settle into your private, air-conditioned vehicle then sit back and enjoy the ride as you travel directly to the airport in style and comfort, all ready for your flight.
  • A private tour to The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut helps you learn a lot about the Egyptian pharaohs. The Holy of the Holies is the best architecture building in the region. Consisting of three levels, it depicts the divine birth of the Queen and her Commercial expedition to the land of Punt. Mainly dedicated to worship the supreme god Amon-Ra, the temple represents Egyptian Gods in the Ptolemaic Period.

Hurghada Private Buses To Luxor:

  • To the north of Luxor lies Dandara, ground to the beautiful temple of the Beauty goddess Hathor.
  • The heavy rock roof, hidden tunnels and the magnificent relief of Queen Cleopatra IV and her son Caesarian form the Castle of Sistrum or Pr Hathor.
  • About 135 km away from Luxor lies the city of Abydos. Abydos, considered to be the burial ground of the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld, has lot more to see.
  • The Osiris Temple has beautifully preserved paintings of the gods and Pharaohs. You pass the majestic sceneries of the Nile, the fields and the locals when in Abydos which are as enjoyable as the temples.

Hurghada To Cairo By Train:

  • The train will make your journey safe and enjoyable. Cairo is full of beautiful monuments and has the power to influence or you can get struck by its gleaming sides with the help of the sun. Starting from the Great Pyramids, the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, the 3-hour visit to Giza and Sphinx is a must when in Egypt.
  • Christiano Cairo sets a background about the Christian and Jewish heritage in Egypt revolving around the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue.
  • When in Islamic Cairo, you get to explore the oldest bazaar- Khalili Bazaar.

Be it a smooth flight or a bumpy bus ride, Hurghada has numerous options to cover your Egypt Tour including inter and intra city trips. Call or visit our website to plan your transfer means when in Hurghada. Get in touch to book your Hurghada Transfer.

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