Red Sea Governorate

Red Sea Governorates earned its name by bordering Red Sea in its east and borders Sudan’s Red Sea State in the south.

General Info

Governorate: Red Sea
City: Hurghada
Urban Population: 95%
Governor: Ahmed Abdullah
Area: 203,685 km2
Population: 3,45,775

Cities And Towns

The major cities that features in this Governorate are:

  • El Qoseir: The city was known as Leucus Limen in Ancient times which mean white port. Its population is around 50,000.

  • Hala'ib: The Red Sea port is located between disputed Hala’ib’s Triangle which is southern tip of Red Sea Riviera.

  • Hurghada: The capital city of Red Sea Govenorate is the main tourist destination with almost around 248,000 inhabitants.

  • Marsa Alam: The town is rapidly increasing its popularity due to Abu Dabab beach, Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.

  • Ras Gharib: Once Red Sea capital is one of the leading centers of petroleum production covers around 10,464.46 km².

  • Safaga: The small port town has many Phosphate mines that make it a major export center. This port leads to Duba port from where you can travel to Arabia.

  • Shalateen: This is the biggest town within Hala’ib’s Triangle. 520 km2 to Hurghada, it is also an administrative center or Markaz that has 5 villages under its control.

Heavy Industrial Zones

People mostly prefer urban living. Thus the resulting growth of industrial zones:

  • Bernes 1

  • Bernes 2

  • Alaki 1

  • Alaki 2

Top Destinations of Red Sea Governorate

  • Hurghada

  • Marsa Alam

  • El Gouna

  • Safaga

  • El Qoseir

  • Sahl Hasheesh

  • Berenice Troglodytica

  • Shalateen

  • Ras Gharib

  • Zaafarana

  • Wadi El Gemal National Park

  • Elba National Park

These districts cover most of the tourist sites. While planning your trip, make sure you are aware of Red Sea Governorates. They will give you a better insight of where you are and where you want to go. Let NILE HOLIDAY  plan your Red Sea Adventure today..

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