Blue Desert

General Description

The Blue Desert lies near St. Catherine Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula. As its name suggests it is due to many rock formations coloured blue by a Belgian artist, Jean Verame to represent the Egyptian –Israeli peace treaty. This extraordinary peace symbol is now a great Egyptian manmade artwork and natural wonder...

General info

Name: Blue Valley or Coloured Mountain
Found in: South Sinai
Accessible: Car and foot
Location: 28° 38′ 23″ N, 34° 33′ 39″ E
Area: 14 km2

General Features

  • Balloon-shaped Rocks painted blue

  • Red mountains with golden stones

  • Huge sculptures from granite of blue

  • Green plants and shrubs


Sinai Desert is abundant with plenty of wildlife, such as:

  • Plants such as Artemisia inculta and so on..

  • Wild cats

  • Caracal

  • Panther

  • Egyptian Jackal

  • Hyrax

  • Caffre cat

  • Ichneumon (Egyptian mongoose)

  • Reptiles such as large monitor, snakes, lizards, scorpions and so on..

Things to do

The most amazing experiences of Blue Desert include:

  • Bedouin style camping

  • Sunrises in blue desert

  • Sunsets in blue desert

  • Stargazing in a desert night

  • Bedouin meals

  • Picnic Site

  • Camel rides

  • Trekking the desert

  • Visiting other interesting sites

Best time to visit

  • The Best Time To Visit Egypt Desert is anytime between November and March when the climate is little more pleasant than rest of the time.

  • December and January are peak tourist seasons, which may result heavy crowd.

Important sites

  • Abu Galum Protectorate

  • Dahab

  • Catherine Monastery

  • Mount Sinai

  • Wadi Feiran

  • Nabi Salah

  • Wadi Isbaiya

  • Saint Catherine Protectorate

  • Mausoleum of Sheikh Nabi Salah

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