Aswan Day Trips

The Nile by the side and a vast majority of wonderful sights to look forward to, Aswan is the perfect calm and mystic place to visit. With the dead at your mercy and the Nile to let your exploring bug crawl, Aswan Day Trips & Excursions blends the beauty of nature with the mystery of the humans.

Places To Visit:

High Dam

Not the largest in the world, but still it is an engineering extravaganza over 360 feet tall and 12,500 feet wide. It is an impressive view over Lake Nasser. Providing for around 50% of electricity produced in Egypt, the dam is now the most important structure in all of Egypt.

Unfinished Obelisk

    The greatest of all of Egypt’s monoliths, however, was never completed. The obelisk provides the insight to the planning and labor stage of any monument that we are now considering as the wonders of the world.

    Steps down the obelisk shows up ancient pictographs of dolphins, flamingoes and ostriches. A walk down hard work and planning washed away in a moment is what can be described as the ‘unfinished obelisk’.

Philae Temple

One of the most beautiful and picturesque temples in all of Egypt, Philae adds the spirituality to the beautiful scenery that hovers over the High Dam. As the centre of the cult of Goddess Isis, the area has other small temples around which are worth visiting and admiring.

The main icing on the cake is the sound and light show that glorifies the ancient culture and attractions. Thought to be the most impressive affair, the floodlighting with the island’s ruins in the background is an adequate way to spend an evening.

Elephantine Island

Getting its name from the huge boulders that look like a bunch of elephants standing together, Elephantine Island makes it hard enough of miss it while on a Tour In Aswan. Temple of Khnum and the Aswan Museum are the main attractions of the island.

The place also consists of an ancient nilometer in the form of ancient stairs leading into the water cut into the rock that displayed markings in Arabic, Roman and pharaonic numerals.

Another attraction worth noticing is the Nubian villages that have beautiful scenery along the river. The warmth and gesture of the Nubian people will leave your heart smiling.

With all such beautiful and wonderful attractions to visit, Aswan Day Trip & Excursions is a hot favorite among the people visiting Egypt. Get in touch with us to book your tour to the amazing city of Aswan.

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