Best Time To Visit Nile

Being a desert area, the country of Egypt tends to be very much heated during the summer times while the temperatures fall very much down during the winters. This creates confusion among the tourists about the time they should visit this stunning country.

Summers In Nile Riviera

The heat waves between May and October can easily cross 50 degrees Centigrade during the afternoon. And while most of the better places are by the desert side, it can be hectic and problematic for the tourists.

Springtime In Nile Riviera

The springtime from mid-March to mid-April can also be avoided as footfalls tend to be at its very maximum. Another season to avoid is the Easter time during which foreign tourists would like to stay for a week or two more that just adds up to the crowd.

Best Time To Visit Nile

On visitors’ comments and personal experiences, the best time to visit Nile would be from October to May. This period is favoured mostly because of the smooth weather that is not too hot as the summer heats. The days are still sunny making it a lot better for people to deal with, and visiting the historic sites is a lot more pleasurable than during the summer months.

Festivals In Nile Riviera

  • The period corresponds to the Christmas and New Year time which makes warmer clothes a must during this time of the year.

  • Another fantastic time to visit the Nile would be during the Islamic month of Ramadhan. Many foreign tourists are sceptical about visiting the country during this time because of reasons unknown, but personal experiences say that it would be the best time. Native are way more courteous and warming and the bazaars and streets become even more decorated and colourful.

  • After a day of fasting, as soon as the sun appears, Muslims break their fast with a meal that is known as “iftar”, and if you are ever invited to one of these, grasp the opportunity with both hands: it is something not to be missed. Food is plentiful, especially sweet foods, and the whole experience is something you will never forget.

  • The month of Ramadhan shifts backwards by two weeks every year so checking up the dates is a must if one is to visit during this holy month.

Nile is beautiful all throughout the year. But for one to have a wonderful tour, the periods corresponding to Christmas and Ramadhan are the best options. Overall, the time between October and May is the other preferable period. Call us or visit our website to book your Best Time To Visit Nile.

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