Mummification Museum

Mummification Museum provides insight into Ancient Egypt funerary processes and beliefs. Standing on the waterfront of Mina Palace of Luxor, the museum attracts Ancient Egypt enthusiast more loudly.

General Info

Name: Egyptian Museum or Museum of Cairo
Established in: 1997
Location: 25° 42′ 8″ N, 32° 38′ 23″ E
Summer Opening Hours: 9:00am-10:00pm
Place: Luxor
Type: Archaeological Museum
Key: Ancient Egypt
Winter: 9:00am-9:00pm


Ancient Egypt used to preserve the bodies of royal patrons and prepare their afterlife. This has been evidenced again and again throughout Egypt. People all over the world have been intrigued and drawn to uncover these secrets.

In 1997, President Hosni Mubarak opened the Mummification Museum to enable these learning in a safe and entertaining way.


The museum covers 2035 m² and contains the following elements:

Hall of artefacts:

Lecture hall

Video room


  • Ascended corridor through which the visitor could have a look on ten tablets which shows lights on the funeral journey from death to burial.

  • From the end of corridor, more than sixty pieces are displayed in 19 well-advanced cases.


The display cases in the museum concentrates on 11 topics:

  • Gods of ancient Egypt

  • Embalming materials

  • Organic materials

  • Embalming fluid

  • Tools of mummification

  • Canopic jars

  • Ushabtis

  • Amulets

  • Coffin of Padiamun

  • Mummy of Masaherta

  • Mummified animals

The mummification process includes removing body parts to jars which was put near the sarcophagus. 4 different Canopic jars which were taken from dynasty era are made of stone or wood.

These jars contain stoppers with 4 different heads or shape:

  • The 1st one as Am-sty, with a human head shape.

  • The 2nd one was Hapy, with a monkey head.

  • The 3rd one was Dwa-mut-f, with a Jackal's head.

  • The 4th was Kbh-snw- f, with a falcon head.

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