Cavafy Museum

Cavafy Museum was the apartment of Constantine Cavafy lived that was turned into a museum to commemorate the great poet and his work after his death..

General Info

Name: Cavafy House
Established in: 1992
Location: Rue C.P. Cavafy ,4, Attarin
Opening Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
Place: Alexandria
Type: Biography Museum
Articles on his poetry: 3000
Closed: Monday


Constantine Peter Cavafy was a great Egyptian Greek poet, journalist and civil servant who were acknowledged for many of his great works, complete and incomplete poems in Greek and western. However, most of his work came into limelight after his death in 1933.

The Cavafy House was the apartment where he is believed to spend his last 35 years which turned into a motel of sorts after his death.

To honour the poet, Greek Embassy in Alexandria appointed Kostis Moskof to establish The Cavafy Museum which was finally opened to the public on November 1992. Even the street was named after him.


The museum contains his works and poems with translations in 20 different languages. Not to forget 3000 articles written about his works and poetries. You will also find works of other authors and poets whose works were inspired by his writings and thoughts.

Apart from that, paintings, furniture and surroundings with a personal touch are restored for the museum.

Cavafy lived in the centre of the city between Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and bordellos.  The poet referred to it as ‘Temple of Soul’ or ‘Temple of Body’ or ‘Temple of the Flesh’.


  • Cavafy wrote 154 poems which were finished but there were also some half-done works and sketches which he didn’t see to its end.

  • His important works were published after 2 years to his death.

  • There is a room in the apartment museum which is dedicated to a Stratis Tsirkas, who wrote a massive trilogy set in the Middle East was a student of Cavafy.

  • A cast of Cavafy's death mask is one of the intriguing pieces in the museum which lied on a cushioned pillow stained.

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