Badr Museum

The Badr’s Museum is a mud building in Qasr al Farafra which is art exhibit done by artist Badr Abdel Moghny.

General Info

Name: Badr Abdel Moghni Ali House of Museum
Established in: 1990
Location: 27° 3′ 30″ N, 27° 58′ 12″ E
Opening Hours: 9:00am-2:00pm
Place: Farafra Oasis
Type: Museum
Showpieces: Paintings and sculptures
Winter: 8:30-till sunset


Badr Abdel Moghny born in 1958 in a Bedouin family taught himself how to deal with things from the environment. Moghny developed a way to process the grains of sand for sculptures from early age and used natural products and resources only for his artworks.

To give his native village authentic look, he used Hadr (illustrations of lions or eagles) in many of his artwork in the houses of his native. But most of those images have faded away with time and erosion.

Qasr al Farafra is the mud city of Farafra Oasis where Badr has designed his home using his artistic expressions. In 1990, this house became a gallery and museum and was successful in attracting tourist to this far away land of Egypt.


The building is made of mud and waste products of camel and donkeys. The house of artist Badr who is used to sand painting and sculpture showed his potential with his art expression based on old traditions. His works are mostly castles designs called Qasr showed images of camels, palm trees, and so on. A most intriguing feature is the door and locks which are made of raw wood.


  • Apart from being his residence, the building is now a representation of his artwork that is used as gallery, museum and store too for tourist from near and far.

  • His artworks like sand painting and oil paintings are often influenced by artists such as Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso as such.

  • These reflect an undetermined personality and are characterized by the soft colours and lines exhibited throughout France, Germany, Britain and Cairo...

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