Alexandria Shore Excursions

Discover the Alexandria city and the Mediterranean Sea on the Shore Excursions of the place. The Alexandria docks give you easy access to two noteworthy cities, Cairo and Alexandria. These shore excursions take you to Greco-Roman tombs and ruins. Alexandria’s legendary Lighthouse sites Qaitbey Citadel.

Egypt enjoys access to the world’s most beautiful beaches, and especially around Alexandria because of its extraordinary location. Alexandria, the capital of Egypt, ground to modern and ancient mysteries has beautiful public and private beaches.

Alexandria has several exquisite beaches within the city and along the coastline of Marsa Matruh. Alexandria Shore Excursions offers a dive into the depths of the sea and long gazes into the night underneath a blanket of stars.

Best Sights To Explore In Alexandria Shore Excursions:

Marsa Matruh

Around 240 km away from Alexandria lays MarsaMatruh, which is a resort town on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast.  Marsa Matruh is a large bay, with the beach resort stretching along the shoreline. Known for its lagoons and White-sand beaches MarsaMatru is suitable for a cool swim to beat the summer heat. The beaches offer care-free strolls and fishing trips along the shores.

Abu Qir Beach

Abu Qir, a town on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt located on the Abu Qir Bay to the east lies near the ruins of the ancient Canopus and northeast of Alexandria.

Lighthouse Of Alexandria

The lighthouse lies in the same site as that of the castle of Qaitbey. Sometimes known as the Pharos of Alexandria, the lighthouse built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom serves for sailors in the area. The lighthouse built during the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus is estimated to be 100 metres tall.

The lighthouse was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was the tallest structure during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. However, the Lighthouse of Alexandria was damaged, abandoned and ruined by three earthquakes.

Montaza Palace

Overlooking the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea connected to Alexandria lies the Montaza Palace. It is an eclectic mix of palace, museum and beautiful gardens.

El Agami And Hannoville

The beaches of El Agami and Hannoville often referred to as Egypt’s Saint Tropez was built in the 1940s and stationed in Alexandria for British officers and diplomats.

Located between Manounia and the headland at Abu Qir the beaches contain public and private beaches within walking distances.

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