Alexandria Governorate

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the Governorate embraces Municipalities which make it 2nd largest urban governorate.

General Info

Governorate: Alexandria
City: Alexandria
Urban Population: 98%
Governor: Mohamed Soltan
Area: 2,818 km2
Population: 47,99,740


The Governorate of Alexandria consists of three individual cities:

  • Alexandria

  • Borg El Arab

  • New Borg El Arab


Alexandria is divided into six districts of which three local villages and five are sub-villages. These six districts are:

  • Montazah District: 5 villages in the Abyss region – Total area: 81 km2

  • Eastern District: 2 sub-districts (El-Raml & Sidi Gaber) – Total area: 49 km2

  • Middle District: 3 sub-district (Bab Sharq, Al Attareen & Moharrem Beik) – Total area: 36 km2

  • Western District: 2 sub-districts (Karamouz & Mina El-Bassal) – Total area: 30 km2

  • Customs District: The smallest Alexandria district with four sub- districts (El-Mansheya, El-Gomrok, El-Labban & ElImina El-Sharqi) – Total area: 4km2

  • El-Ameriah District: 3 sub-districts (El-Dekheila, El-Agamy, and El-Ameriah) – Total area: 2295 km2

Industrial Zones

Most people are urbanite which keeps the progress of Industrial zones going. Some of those are:

  • New Manshia

  • Al Nasseria

  • Upper and Lower Mergham

  • K 31, Desert Road

  • Seibco

  • Ajami

  • Al Nahda

  • Ohm Zagheou

  • Borg Al Arab

Major Attractions / Monuments

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina

  • Citadel of Qaitbay

  • Graeco-Roman Museum

  • Alexandria National Museum

  • Royal Jewelry Museum

  • Serapeum Temple

  • Pompey's Pillar

  • Roman Amphitheatre

  • Lighthouse of Alexandria

Important Gardens Destinations

  • Al Montaza Gardens

  • Al Shallalat Gardens

  • Antoniadis Garden

  • El-Nozha Garden

  • International Park of Alexandria

Most Notable Educational Institutes

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina ( Alexandria Library)

  • Alexandria University

  • Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport

  • Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology in New Borg El Arab city.

  • The city of scientific research and Technological Applications

  • Pharos University

Alexandria Sports

The Governorate Of Alexandria has several sports clubs that attract tourist equally as its other tourist attraction:

  • El Ittihad Alexandria Club

  • Egyptian Olympic Athletes Club

  • Smouha Sporting Club

  • Alexandria Sporting Club

Alexandria governorate also holds three main stadiums which are:

  • Borg El Arab Stadium

  • Alexandria Stadium

  • Haras El-Hedoud Stadium

Top Destinations of Alexandria Governorate

  • Alexandria

  • Abu Qir

  • Lake Mariout

  • Agami

  • Kom el Deka

  • Sidi Bishr

  • New Borg El Arab

  • El Ibrahim

  • Karmoz

  • El Max

  • El Rami

  • Abu Talat

These districts cover most of the tourist sites. While planning your trip, make sure you are aware of Alexandria Governorate. They will give you a better insight of where you are and where you want to go. Let NILE HOLIDAY  plan your Alexandria Trip today...

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